Dream Prize

 The Winner Journey:

So why should you enter the F5WC Irish Championships?  Well imagine this..... you recruit the best players and best keeper you know....you enter your local tournament and beat the local competition in a round robin tournament at the best local venue..... you have a couple of days/weeks to recover and iron out any weaknesses before the finals take place in Dublin on the 30th June 2018.... a one day tournament with the top 16 to 32 teams.... you arrive, register and you battle through a tough 4 team group and proceed to the quarter finals... competition is tough at this stage but you've trained hard and have a solid defence taking you all the way to the final... and as the crowd watch on, your team are crowned the F5WC Ireland Champions..... and now the real fun starts!

In September of 2018 (TBC) your team (7 players) will fly to Shanghai, China, for an all-expenses paid trip..... you land in the Shanghai and you are transferred to the team hotel.... you'll be presented with your club pack on arrival (home & away national kits, training tops, kit bags)....  you take in the view, have a few days break, and have slap up meals and get some rest before the tournament kicks off..... there will be 5 or 6 days in total and there's 40 countries taking part..... and from here its down to you... can you lead the Ireland team to glory, or take the team one step closer than our third place in 2016???

Check out the competition at last years tournament below.

2014 winners - Denmark

2015 winners - Morocco

2016 winners - Colombia  [Ireland 3rd place]
2017 winners - USA

2018 winners - Could it be you?


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