[Please note that these rules will ALWAYS be superceded by the latest F5 international rules, and there could be variations]

Please read these carefully:

• 1 keeper (goalie) + 4 players per team on the pitch at one time

• No slide tackles allowed

• A yellow-card (foul) is 2 minutes off the pitch - 1 red or 2 yellow cards is elimination from game + next game. Next

game the team gets to play with full five players.

• No head-height rules - the ball may go as high as necessary without hitting another surface

• If the ball leaves the pitch it is kicked in from the ground (not thrown in)

• Football balls (size 5)

• If points are tied in round robin stages then: 1. goal difference 2. goals for 3. head to head

• Ties in the knockout rounds are decided by 5 penalty kicks followed by sudden death

• Local rules will apply for qualifiers dependent on the venue (these supplementary rules will be emailed to teams that register)


Football 5-a-side Rules

• The referee's decision is final, players must only play to the referee's whistle. Players are not allowed to argue the

referee's decision

• Substitutes will be “rolling”. Players coming on to the field may not do so until the player being replaced has come

off - substitute players cannot stand inside the field of play - they must wait outside the nets

• Minimum 4 players on the pitch for game to start. A game is called a forfeit if players on a team fall below 4 or if a

team shows up 15mins late

• No off side rule

• All free-kicks are indirect - a deflected goal will count (even off the goal keeper)

• If a ball goes out of bounds, the ball has to be kicked in (not thrown in)

• Goalkeeper must immediately return the ball into play with an under-arm bowling action. It must not be thrown

over-head nor kicked.

• A goal cannot be scored from goalie kick or kick in when the ball goes out of bounds

• Goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass. A free kick will be awarded.

• A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty mark and, except for the defending goalkeeper, only the player taking

the kick can enter the penalty area. After the penalty is taken, a player can score a goal if the penalty is deflected back

into the playing field by the goal keeper.

• A yellow card will result in a Two-minute time out for the player, the team cannot introduce a substitute during there

two minutes

• A red card will result in the player being banned from the match and the next match, the team cannot introduce a

substitute for the player in that match. The team can introduce a substitute player for the next match.

• Violent conduct OR Swearing at the opposing player OR referee may result in a yellow/red or suspension from the

tournament depending on the severity of the conduct duration of the game

• Allowance shall be made in either period for time lost through stoppages as decided by the referee

• Footwear must be worn in accordance with the laws of the game.

• Wearing of shinguards is recommended. Any player who fails to wear shinguards does so at their own risk.

• Opposition players must be 5 steps away when a free kick is taken. Player must wait for the referees whistle

• Opposition players must be 2 steps away when a kick in is taken.

• Only 1 step can be taken by the penalty taker

• The goal keeper cannot come off the line when a penalty is being taken

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